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A registered trademark on Amazon is crucial for unlocking a host of exclusive tools and benefits through Brand Registry. This registration enables you to: elevate your product listings with A+ Enhanced Brand Content, ensuring they stand out with enhanced visuals and descriptions. Moreover, it grants you the authority to control how your products are represented, with the ability to remove listings that misuse your brand name.

Additionally, you gain access to powerful advertising options such as Brand & Video Ads, allowing you to effectively reach your target audience. With access to Powerful Brand Analytics, you can glean valuable insights to refine your marketing strategies. Most importantly, having a registered trademark helps prevent hijackers, safeguarding your brand against unauthorized sellers and maintaining its integrity in the marketplace.

Get Your Brand Registered Trademark in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Fill Out Our Online Form: Complete our quick questionnaire to begin the process. Submit an image of your name or logo mark, if applicable.
  2. We Search and Compile: Conduct a thorough search to ensure your trademark isnโ€™t too similar to existing trademarks or already in use. Then, compile your official application.
  3. We File with the Appropriate Authority: Once your trademark application is correctly completed and signed, weโ€™ll file it on your behalf through the relevant trademark office, ensuring comprehensive protection for your brand worldwide.

How Does a Trademark Help me on Amazon?

Having a registered trademark allows you to sign up for a brand registry on Amazon, granting you access to exclusive tools and benefits. With Amazon brand registry, you can:

  • Exercise more control over Amazon product pages that use your brand name.
  • Utilize exclusive search tools to identify potential brand infringement cases.
  • Remove listings that improperly use your trademarked terms or logos.
  • Enhance your product listings with Enhanced Brand Content and Storefronts.

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We're here to support brand launches and scaling ventures on Amazon, Shopify, and within the broader online marketplace.

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